The Best Tennis Racquets

When competing at an elite level, every tennis player knows the margin for error is small. Performance becomes a matter of millimeters, angles, balance, and equipment. The last thing you want to have to worry about is your equipment. When you have the right gear, you will know that your wins come from your skill and dedication and that the losses will never be because of your equipment.

Besides the tennis ball, the tennis racquet is the single-most important piece of a tennis player’s game. Use the right racquet for you and your chances of winning improve. So much of the game is practice, and perfect practice makes perfect players. But you cannot practice perfectly without a tennis racquet that suits your style, goals, and skill level. The best tennis racquets are relative to the player. In this post, you’ll see an assortment of professional tennis racquets that will give any player the best option of finding the perfect one.

Head Liquidmetal 8

Head has been around for a long time and the Liquidmetal 8 is one of their best. It will work best for high-end beginners, or low-level intermediates who are still working to increase the speed of their tennis stroke.

The racquet also has a large surface area, perfect for players who need a little leeway when dialing in their accuracy. When a ball hits your tennis racket and explodes back off of it with maximum power and control, the ball has hit the “sweet spot.” The Head Liquid Metal 8 has managed to spread the sweet spot over the entire surface of the racket, so it’s more forgiving of angles and spin.

The dimensions of the string pattern (16 x 19) allow for excellent control over the spin of the ball. The NoShox handle comes in several different sizes, so there’s a grip that will suit nearly any player. One of the greatest things about the Liquidmetal 8 is that it cuts way down on vibrations. Beginners need to be able to assess their ability objectively, which can be hard to do when a racquet has excessive vibrations. This can make it hard to know what to work on.

Wilson Tour Slam

Wilson tennis racquets have been a staple of the game for a reason. The Tour Slam is best-suited to intermediate players who prefer a lightweight racquet. It’s specifically designed to help with the learning curve when it comes to power shots. It has one of the larger heads you’ll find out there, at 110”, which gives the player some room to work with without sacrificing force or making the racquet unwieldy.

Perhaps most intriguing is the Volcanic Frame Technology. You truly have to feel it to believe it, but it results in a degree of power and control that many players will not have experienced.

Dunlop Force 100 Tour

The Dunlop Force 100 Tour is another racquet with a large face. Its parallel stringing ensures a great rebound, fantastic control and maneuverability, and minimal vibration. It also has more considerable amount of flare at its base than you will see in many other great tennis racquets, which gives it even more control. Tennis is not an effortless game, but the Dunlop Force 100 Tour definitely takes some of the effort out of it. (It’s also very affordable).

Babolat Pure Aero Play

In the age of the iPhone, virtual reality, and apps for everything, it’s probably no surprise that we now have a racquet that you can turn on and receive real-time feedback from. The Babolat Pure Aero Play is sleek, sophisticated, and it records your strokes for you. The best tennis racquet would probably be the one that played the game for you. This racquet won’t do that, but it is calibrated to help you improve, based on its feedback, and it’s like having a coach in your hand while you practice. It also has an open string pattern and is one of the sharpest looking racquets out there. You pay a little more for such a technologically advanced tennis racquet, but if it gets you the results you want, it’s absolutely worth it.

Head GrapheneXT Radical Pro

The Head GrapheneXT Radical Pro is for players who thrive on aggression. If you like to be in your opponent’s face at the net, daring them to weather the storm of your volleys, or you like to slam the tennis ball down the line to win the point, this is the racquet for you. If you’ve seen the play of the great Andy Murray, you know exactly why he would choose this one. The weight distribution is unparalleled, the Graphene technology is cutting edge, and it is perfect for players who prefer striking first to countering. If you’re the type of player who views each contest as a show of strength, this might be just the weapon you need.

Prince Textreme Tour 100P

Textreme is produced with carbon fibers and results in some of the lightest possible tennis racquets. It’s incredibly flexible, but also lends itself to high stability for a player who really knows how to sit down on a shot and who has adept control. The racquet is sophisticated enough that it is generally recommended for players with more experience. With the Prince Textreme Tour 100P, greater speed is the goal, and it takes some familiarity with the game to increase speed without sacrificing control. If you’re at the point, this is absolutely a racquet worth considering.

Head YOUTEK Graphene Instinct MP

When Maria Sharapova and Marin Cilic use a tennis racquet, it’s time to sit up and pay attention. They prefer the Head YOUTek Graphene Instinct MP for many reasons. At only 11 ounces, the racquet is extremely light, but even better is the balance. It’s weighted towards the head which helps with maneuverability to an insane degree. When trying to generate speed, hitting “through the ball” is always the goal. The shape, weight, and balance of this racquet make hitting through the ball a certainty. There is no substitute for perfect distribution of mass, a killer string pattern, and the potential for maximum speed.

Babolat AeroPro Drive GT Plus

Anyone who has used a Babolat racquet tends to agree that they’re hard to improve on. But sometimes the unthinkable happens. The AeroPro Drive GT Plus is even better than their previous models. It’s one of the most solid-feeling racquets you’ll ever have in your hand, without feeling bulky or heavy. It’s balance and heft and string pattern make it a perfect weapon for players who enjoy putting high levels of spin on the ball. The Active Cortex technology introduces an unprecedented level of dampening, without ever it feels weighty. Too much dampening can make it feel like a tennis player is wearing a mitten while holding the racquet, limiting the sensory input between the hand and the handle, but the AeroPro GT Plus introduces a level of dampening that sacrifices nothing. All of the best effects, none of the worst. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that this is one of the best-looking racquets you’ll see. The aesthetic appeal is undeniable and the paint job rocks.

Dunlop Biomimetic M 4.0

This is Dunlop’s amazing update of the biomimetic 400. Sounds kind of like a technology you would have seen in one of the Terminator movies, right? Well, when you feel this racquet in your hand and smash a ball down the line, you may just feel like a terminator. This racquet is particularly well-suited to players with a groundstroke heavy game. The more spin you can generate, the better off your ground game will be, and that’s where the Dunlop Biomimetic M 4.0 excels.

It also favors players who prefer to lead off with a flat power serve. But that’s not where it stops. The responsiveness of the string pattern and the solidity of the racket make it a force at the net. It also makes it a perfect weapon for handling and returning serves. The Dunlop M4.0 allows for incredibly aggressive, confident play.

Wilson Burn FST 99S

The Wilson Burn FST 99S is for the calculating player who values control above all else. Tennis pros who prefer to turn their matches into chess contests rather than shows of brute force will find much to love here. Accuracy is the key with this racquet, making it a perfect weapon for players who like to roam the baseline and drop their shots deep into the opponent’s backcourt.

If you are at the stage of the game when your power is in check, and you want to expand your pinpoint targeting, this is a racquet worth trying.

This selection of some of the best tennis racquets has been just a start. If you want to develop your tennis game to the utmost, you have to be willing to experiment, evaluate your results, and adjust as needed.

Good tennis habits start early. So do bad ones. With these elite racquets, you will always be able to focus on your technique, safe in the knowledge that your equipment is not an issue.