Importance of Having a Tennis Ball Machine That Can Produce Spin

There are various kinds of outdoor games like tennis, which needs two participants. However, the invention of ball machines has helped in overcoming this rule, to some extent. Ball machines are the mechanical gadgets which fire game balls, as per pre-defined settings. It can be set to fire the balls in a desired spin level, specific speed, within a specific time breaks, and to a particular distance. It makes practicing very easy and effortless for the players.

There are innumerable advanced of spin techniques of these ball machines, which can help a novice in enhancing his skills.


Tennis is the game which is ruled by two types of spin

  1. Top spin
  2. Backspin

For any professional player practicing and mastering these two types of spin is of the prime
importance to beat the toughest of the opponent. Top spin, as name mentions, can be produced by hitting the ball from its upper side and similarly backspin is created by reversing the process by hitting it from downside at the time of impact. The control of the shot is dependent of the spin factor is basically acts as the controller of the strokes. With the use of spin numerous tactical shots is possible to play with adjusting the height and pace.

Keeping in mind the high priority of spin, most of the advanced ball machines is equipped with the spin functions for both top spin and back spin. A Ball machine with spin function is something that must have in order to enhance the game skills by learning the best of the game tactics.


A ball can be fired at a player in two ways; straight throw and spin. A beginner can learn to play by defending against simple and straight balls. To enhance one’s techniques to the professional level, a player will have to move towards defending spin balls. Spin ball keeps rotating around itself, till it reaches a player. It is tough to play a high speed spin ball, and requires a lot of hard work and unique skill, to get defend such spinning ball. Experts used different spin techniques to beat the opponent with the combination of speed and that it is useless to practice on the machine that do not has capacity to generate spin.


Just having the best ball machine does not give you complete and wholesome of practicing experience; the spin factor is much more dependent of the type of ball being used. Commercially available pressurized balls can generate more spin and also more bounce, but the spin decreases over the time as the pressurized balls have hollow core with the gas content. Once the gas gets leaked the ball uses its functionality once the stock of gas gets over. While pressure less ball is given high recommendation as it is best suitable for ball machine for the best spin effect, thanks to its rubber shell which maintains the spin for the longer time and also the ball has longer life cycle.

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