Importance of Having a Remote for a Ball Machine

Ball machines is in trend nowadays and it is become the impeccable part of practicing as commercially available machines offers them the best in class features that gives similar advantage over practicing with the coach. As Remote control becomes the most essential part of TV set, similarly remote control for ball machine also has become the mandatory and preferred feature. Remote serves many advantages over the manual ones.


As we all know that to develop the muscle memory for the quick response to the stroke players must do as many repetitions as possible with the precision and consistency. To achieve that player must allow its practice to be continued with the utmost concentration. Remote control allows the player to get less disturb by adjusting range of functions from being their side only. It skips the tire some and irritating routine of going to the machine for the slightest of the changes in function and going back to the other side of the court. As it happens many time during the practice session, players have difficulty is keeping the concentration on the game.


Getting less disturbed is also same important as maintaining the energy level during the practice. No doubt that the players have the great level of stamina but that stamina and energy must be given in the game itself and not otherwise. As players have to go to the machine every time for changing the output functions and then players have to go back the other side. If that exercise continues more time, then it drain the energy and reduces the amount of energy preserved for the practice. That way it makes remote control more effective and efficient tool to sharpen the tennis experience. It aids coaches in affording the range of free movements from every nook and corner of the court.


Most of the advanced remote controls are developed to include more of the functions that make the practice more user-friendly and delightful. Remote gives the advantage of being in control of the game “On the fly”. Latest of the superior remote control is equipped with as many as 20 to 22 functions that involves the below functions by just being of the your side of the court only
It gives you the option to change the drill functions. Drill function are already pre installed, number of drill function varies according to the model of ball machine.
Increase or decrease the spin of the ball. Either of top spin or back spin can be controlled.
Feeding rate also can be adjusted as to make the game tougher decrease the feeding rate and vice versa.


Reputed ball machine supplier gives the option to upgrade the machine by installing the remote function. So do not disappoint if your machine does not have the remote control facility.

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