Different Types of Oscillation for a Tennis Ball Machine

Tennis is the game that has enjoyed the fan following on millions because of the uncertainty factor. In tennis game, this uncertainty is due to many factors like spin, ball oscillations (Direction of ball), speed etc. The most of the expert ball machine companies understands the importance of oscillation and that is why most popular machine has the function of oscillation to hone the tennis skills.
In the language is tennis there are many forms of the oscillations designed in ball machine to give you the perfect simulation of real gaming in court. It makes the practice perfect for the toughest and longest of the game experience


While practicing with ball machines, the player cannot anticipate the characteristics of a particular shot. The shots are fired with random horizontal oscillation, which provides that element of surprise to the players by throwing ball from anywhere covering the top right to top left corner of the court. The random throwing helps player to strengthen both the forehand as well as backhand stroke. These two stokes can be mastered to play with the mixing up of spin function. That is why most machines that have the oscillation facility also have spin function to cover the most advanced part of the practice.


Two line oscillations is designed practice for advanced skill set of forehand and backhand. In two line oscillation the ball machine is pre set to deliver on two lines or two points on the court for the altering the practice of background and forehand strokes. There are as many as three options to choose from

  • Narrow
  • Medium
  • Wide


Many top and reputed ball machines players have made the triple oscillation technique patented one to protect their specialty and unique features over other market players. Triple oscillation technique is programmed the mix up three factors

  1. Spin variations
  2. Location variations
  3. Pace variations

These three factors are clubbed in various fashion and combinations that makes it toughest to play the ball. Mastery over variations in these three factors can make the difference from the novice to the circuit player. It mixes both the random horizontal oscillation with the random vertical variations that gives the ultimate playing experience. With the help of triple oscillation the machine is capable to throw ball at any corner of the court randomly with quickest of the interval period. The real match simulation is being created by throwing ball mixing up shot to deep distance throwing as well as throwing anywhere from top right corner to top left corner. The interval period can be pre set according to the player’s need and stamina.


This function is mostly offered on the most of the advanced ball machine only. It is mainly the counter part of the triple oscillation. Fully random oscillation gives the perfect spectrum of range of points to cover the court area completely. It mixes the pace of the ball with any of the two types of the spin and throws at the random places for the 100% real match practicing.

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