Difference Between Higher Priced and Lower Priced Ball Machines

Repetition is the key for game improvement in any of the game including the classic and you favorite tennis. Ball machines come with the unbeatable features that satisfy your need for playing your strokes for unlimited times to develop the desired skills and talent. Range of ball machines available in the market to suits the budget allowance and customized need of beginners as well as professionals. In the following session we brings you the features that differentiates the higher prized ball machines to lower prized ones


As ball machine suppliers charge high price from the customers and the basic function of capacity also increases. Higher version of machines has the highest capacity of 300 balls where basic of the machines has only 50 to 100 ball capacity. Also high budgeted and reputed machine comes with warranty of 2 to 3 years as compared to one year warranty for the lower budgeted machines.


Advanced and higher prized machines comes with the automatic remote control functions to allow setting up of speed, oscillation range, height and depth of the ball delivery, choosing random oscillation, spinning intensity etc from being on your side of the court. Manual machines require the functions to be set manually at the options gives on the machine itself. Users have to change the functions every time manually, for a different set up.


Lower prized machines have the feature of random oscillation but higher prized machines have the advanced feature of oscillation that is programmable for the better and perfect practicing experience. Also the function to adjust depth and height of oscillation is not available on lower prized machines. Higher version of machines comes with triple oscillation technique that gives the variety for the real match playing experience. Triple oscillation helps in warming up of forehand and backhand strokes with improvement in the footwork along with reduced reaction time.


Higher prized versions enable you to practice with fierce, some top speed, of as high as 105 miles per hour. While generally lower prized machines has the top speed of 50 to 60 miles per hour. Also higher version of machines has less interval time of feeding, allowing players to run quickly for endurance practice.


Lower range of machines does not have the function of random elevation control for having variety in the practice; users have to adjust the elevation manually for changing the height. Also best of the skills can be developed when practiced with the mixture of speed and spin, higher range of machines has the feature to spin the ball to the desired variation along with the fastest of the speed for the complete practicing experience.


Highest rated and high prized machines have the long battery backup that frees you from the hassle to plug into power supply before every practice session. You can indulge in practice for as long as 8 hours with battery backup without any disturbance in between. Lower budgeted machines have the power cord that requires connection facility at court and requires continuous power supply during practice session.