Common Features of a Ball Machine

Practice is the key for excellence in any of the field and tennis is not the exception. Great players attribute their success to the hours of practice done with the help of ball machines. A Ball machine is innovative and smart way to shape your tennis skills with the freedom to choose your own time and your own command. Hundreds of commercial sellers have filled the market with varieties of ball machines offering range of features that is directed to improve the game level and endurance. In the following section we brings you the best features of ball machine to enhance your knowledge


Among the basic of the features capacity comes the first. Ball machines have various range of capacity depending on the prize; a capacity of around 300 balls is consider being sufficient for the practice session. Of course warranty matters to protect your valuable investment in ball machine; reputed supplier gives warranty of two years, which is recommended. Most of the commercial ball machines have the warranty period of one year.


Weight factor is something people do not consider at the time of buying but it makes them realize it value when they have to move it regularly. Lighter ball machines makes the storage and transportation from home to court easier which saves your energy for the practice. Ball machines are available at a cost of as low as $450 to $550 and it goes as high as to $8000.


Ball machines have the spinning wheel that determines the strength of the propulsion as the ball is being fed into it. Most of the advanced machines have two spinning wheels. Some of the machines can air pressure technique that propels the ball through air tube by generating air pressure.
Also balls take the spinning with the speed of the ball. Advanced players practice on the balls that come to them with speed as well spin. Machines vary on the feeding rate of 1.5 seconds to as long as 12 second. Ball machines have the variety to adjust the speed of highest of 100 to 105 miles per hour to as low as 20 miles per hour that gives the most of the speed variations.


Oscillation allows the ball to be thrown out in various directions so that players can practice of hitting the ball from every part of the court. Advanced ball machines are being fed with the random oscillation technique that throws the ball at random places in court at very short intervals for endurance and reflex practice. Height and depth of the ball also can be adjusted on higher range of ball machines.


Power factor is something that is dependent of the court facility and suitability at courts. If you have power supply facility at court then you can avail ball machine with power cord. Battery backup machines are available to function without power supply for as long as 7 to 8 hours. Also battery powered machines is a preferred one because is created less hassle without managing the power cord that stops the practice in case of power cut.