Average Battery Life of a Tennis Ball Machine

Tennis ball machines have become the popular options for any level of players. It has become the ideal practicing partner to hone the required skill to beat the toughest of the players in the national as well as international circuit. Beginners get the most of the ball machines by repetition, consistency and more important precision. Most crucial and importance benefits the machine gives is the developing muscle memory for the quick reflex. Quickest of the reflex separates a professional player from the novice and that can make or break the carrier of any player. Average battery life also plays great role in practicing as it allows the practice to continue for longer time without any interruption in between.


To excel in the game of tennis depends on learning many tactics like quick response, endurance, faster speed, concentration etc. By maintaining the concentration it allows players to formulate the strategy and increase the focus on the game. As the longer battery life aids in the practice session to continue without any disturbances, it helps in increasing the concentration level.

Also if the battery life is shorter it takes lots of effort in charging it again and it also takes longer time to charge again. You also need to make sure that charging facility is available at court otherwise you need to take is home again for the charging, that exercise also drains the energy. In that way it reduces the energy level that could have been used for practicing little bit more.

Ball machines that do not have the battery backup come with the charging code with it. Moreover it frees you from any hassle in keeping the charging source available and the hassle for plug-in the ball machine continuously during practice time.


Many ball machines come with 2 batteries but it is smaller in size and also it lasts for lesser time of 2 to 3 hours each. Reputed and popular of the ball machines has the average battery life of 5 to 6 hours, taken into consideration of highest and lowest of the time duration indicated by the different suppliers.

Lobster ball machines offer good amount of battery life of as long as 6 to 8 hours on its high end ball machines. So that the machine don’t get the chance to tired first than the player. The ease of battery function also depends on the battery charger provided with it. Some range of models gives the fast charger along with it that recharges the battery in no time, saving the time for more practice on the court.

Generally players prefer not to choose ball machines that have power cord only it makes the player dependent on the power supply availability on different courts. Commercial players like Wilson, Lobster etc. also equip their popular series of ball machines with the battery life indicator, and so that player gets the estimation of battery remaining. It also helps player in scheduling the practice accordingly.

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